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i like to welcome you @ c-mans_page, the official outpost of c-mans_21st century artworks in the world-wide-web. you can find diversified examples of my work on c-mans_painting, c-mans_photo and c-mans_advertising. feel free to throw a glance at my workings. my saying is:

..:: much Müglich for less money ::..

i am offering: art-direction, advertising, artwork, consultancy, corporate-identity, corporate-design,
graphic-design, business-/image-campaign, produkt-campaign, design-manual, annual report,
image-brochure, brochure, flyer, poster, design, graphic-design, logo-design, logo-design, layout sketch, illustration, painting, paintings on behalf of the client, picture-composition, photography, web-design and restoration work of art »»»

some facts: born 1962, frankfurt/main_germany, location: 50° 07´ 20.60" N, 8° 41´ 50.54" E
formation: diploma communication-designer

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